The famous Sky Tower, the landmark of the city of Auckland the same as, is located on the North Island of New Zealand. The building looks like a giant needle and is located at the intersection of Victoria and Hobson Streets, 700 meters from the sea shore of Hauraki Bay.

The tower is built of high-strength reinforced concrete. The base is 22 m in diameter and the main part of the tower is 12 m. In the lower part of the structure is supported by 8 pillars, which stand on 16 piles, dug on 15 meters deep in the ground.

The tower was designed so that it could withstand winds of more than 200 km/h and earthquakes up to 8 points. The construction took 2 years and 9 months (from 1994 to 1997) with The grand opening took place on August 3, 1997.

On average more than 400 thousand people a year visit the Sky Tower. There is a cafe, at 182 m, and at 186 m there is a main observation deck with a panoramic view of 360 degrees. On the 53rd level is an extreme Sky Jump attraction.

The tower is illuminated by a multitude of LED lights, individual colors and their combinations correspond to certain landmark dates and events. And during New Year and Chinese New Year celebrations, the tower is used for fireworks.