German dictionaries are updated every year in connection with the appearance of new words. Many people wonder how many words you need to learn in order to communicate freely with the Germans.

Having learned up to 500 words, a person can consider his level of German as basic. This minimum must include the most common words korean to english in everyday life, without which simple communication is impossible when shopping in a supermarket, for example. For this level, memorization of highly specialized terms is not suitable. The first step is only the basic words.
A vocabulary of 1000 words will allow you to talk a little with a native speaker on distant topics, perhaps even read the press.
2000 words – the level of free communication with the inhabitants of Germany. With such an extensive vocabulary, you can try to read a book in German. In any case, in a conversation, you can not only discuss the weather and local news, but also touch on narrower topics.
Learning 4000 words will make you pass as a local. Now you won’t get lost in the subway and won’t get lost in a home appliances store. All technical literature will become more accessible – at this level, it can already be easily read and understood.
The volume of 8000 words tagalog to english is not the limit, but is considered a fairly high level of language proficiency. A person with such a set of words will be able to live quite comfortably in Germany, communicate on any topic with local residents, read books, magazines, instructions for teapots, watch films in the original language, and move around the country on their own. But, for example, when finding a job in a company not as an ordinary worker, but as a specialist, this number of words will still not be enough.