The teacher must speak perfect English and translating urdu to english, and this does not only mean pronunciation.

Frequent travelers need spoken English. What is spoken language? These are standard utterances regularly used in typical communication situations. Anyone who believes that we need language to exchange information is mistaken. First of all, it serves as a tool for performing a huge number of very different actions.

Yes Yes! Just by moving your tongue and lips, you can perform many actions, and their consequences can be extremely serious. With the help of a single statement, we can: say hello, say goodbye, brag, confess, praise, scold, offend, humiliate, apologize, express a compliment, ask for directions, name the ship, declare war (“I’m going to you!”).

In addition, we have many social institutions in which we exchange some formulaic phrases arabic to english. Entering a store, bank, restaurant or post office, arriving at the airport or train station, taking a bus or taxi, checking into a hotel, we communicate with employees of these institutions using a limited set of standard expressions.

To learn spoken English, you need a tutor who knows such expressions himself. Such a requirement is not trivial, since although these phrases are standard, there are a lot of them, and they are often idiomatic. Therefore, a teacher of spoken English must have constant contact with native speakers. He must hear how natural modern speech sounds.